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Following the last minute cancellation of their booking at STUC, sex workers gathered in Glasgow for a sex workers’ rights festivals will hold a protest on Saturday in front of the trade union building.

Because the “objectives of the Conference are in direct contradiction to STUC policy” (STUC email), sex workers will not be allowed to gather and share experiences with their colleagues from other parts of the world, nor hear from academics and experts on the consequences of the Swedish model to criminalise clients, or the decriminalisation model pioneered in New Zealand.

With only a week’s notice, and the festival’s programmes with STUC’s address already printed and distributed all over town, SWOU collective has no other choice than to meet at the proposed time in front of the STUC. Many participants will not be aware of the change of venue, and therefore organisers will be there at the agreed time to direct uninformed attendants to Kinning Park Complex, which has agreed to host the event. Sex workers will take this opportunity to express their disappointment and anger at STUC by holding a protest in front of it.

Morgane, a sex worker and participant explained: “We are very shocked and to be honest quite confused. If the STUC sees prostitution as a form of violence against women, why would they refuse victims coming together to share their experiences? It seems that for them, a prostitute also need to be silent to fit their idea of the ‘ideal victim'”.

Luca, a male sex worker, added: “An email of STUC to us mentioned that they need to consider the ‘implications of the holding of an event which will attract counter demonstration’. It sounds to us like they received threats that our conference would be ‘protested’ against. This is a clear case of stigma and discrimination, which sex workers endure all the time. The STUC is supposed to be for all workers but it seems some workers are more worthy than others”.

The protest will be held at 11am on Saturday 6th of April in front of STUC, 333 Woodlands Road, Glasgow G3 6NG. The sex workers’ rights conference will take place between 12 and 6 pm at Kinning Park Complex, 43 Cornwall Street. Glasgow, G41 1BA

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If you would like to speak with the organisers or for us to arrange other interviews
Please phone us on 01 414 332 502 or email and

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One Response to Very latest press release! See the press kit for more!

  1. mhairi says:

    Who was supposed to be counter demonstrating and on what basis?
    That response from the STUC is crap.

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