Programme Text

PLEASE NOTE: Saturday venue change!

In Brief: 

  • Fri 05/04 Glasgow Sex Worker’s Rights Film Night!  (PUBLIC EVENT)
  • Sat 06/04 Looking at Laws and Policies that Impact on Sex Workers and Strategies for Resistance and Change (PUBLIC EVENT)
  • Sun 07/04 Skills Sharing and Discussion Day (SEX WORKERS ONLY)
  • Mon 08/04 SWOU Taboo (SEX WORKERS ONLY)
  • Mon 08/04 Building Alliances (PUBLIC EVENT)
  • Tue 09/04 Sex Work, Stigma and Criminalisation (PUBLIC EVENT)
  • Tue 09/04 – Wed 10/04 Reducing Stigma and Building our Capacity (SEX WORKERS ONLY)

Full Description:

Glasgow Sex Worker’s Rights Film Night!
Fri 05/04
1800 – 2100
CCA Glasgow, 350 Sauchiehall Street, G2 3JD

SWOU and SCOT-PEP are proud to invite you to an evening of short films and documentaries produced by sex workers or/and about sex work. The videos will be introduced by sex workers and allies and will cover themes such as sex workers’ self-organisation, resistance to criminalisation, migration and sex work and effects of anti-trafficking policies on sex workers’ communities.


Sex Worker Open University 2011, by Stoo Ireson, 2012. (UK).
The second edition of SWOU brought together activists from a dozen different countries and included a Sex Worker Art Show, demonstration and many workshops in East London!

Streets in red, by Clare Havell, 2010 (UK).
Short documentary on the subject of street based sex workers in UK.

Normal Nic Mai 49 mn.
NORMAL is made of the combined interviews with four young migrants, who are impersonated by actors. The similarities and
differences between the characters’ life trajectories are explored by focusing on their contradictory aspirations to lead a NORMAL life. The four characters explain how they came to see their involvement in the sex industry as NORMAL and how their notion of normality evolved with their life experiences. At the same time, their life trajectories do not conform to the victim/villain stereotypical opposition which dominates current debates about sex.

Tricks of Light, 30 mn, by Clare Havell and SWOU Collective, 2012, (UK)
A documentary on the 2012 Sex Workers Freedom Festival that happened in Kolkata, India as a an alternative conference and protest to International Aids Conference in Washington. Interviews and images from the biggest international sex workers gathering of all times!!

Last rescue in Siam, 7mn, by EMPOWER, 2012 (Thailand)
This is the first film ever made by sex workers in Thailand. It is a short black and white movie inspired by the tradition of the old silent movies. The film accompanies the Empower research report “Hit & Run” on the impact of anti-trafficking raids on sex workers’ human rights.

Suggested donation £5


Looking at Laws and Policies that Impact on Sex Workers and Strategies for Resistance and Change (PUBLIC EVENT)
Sat 06/04
Midday – 6pm

Kinning Park Complex
43 Cornwall Street
G41 1BA

How to find us‘ on the KPC website.


The day will open with introductions to the event by members of SWOU and delegates of Comic Relief and the Red Umbrella Fund.​

The Push to Criminalise Clients and the Roll Out Effects on Sex Worker

Swedish Abolitionism as Violence Against Women
Jay Levy, University of Cambridge

The Scottish Context: Organising Against the Push to Criminalise Clients

The Case for a Moratorium: Sex Workers Organising in the Shadow of the Olympic Games. What Lessons for the Commonwealth Games?

The French Union of Sex Workers’ Approach to Fighting the Criminalisation of Clients
​Morgane Merteuil, Strass

[Discussion between panellists and audience]


An Alternative Approach: Decriminalisation
Anastacia Ryan, NSWP and SWOU​

Sex Work and the Law: Organising to Win Decriminalisation, Safety and Rights
English Collective of Prostitutes

Film: New Zealand Fight to Pass the Prostitution Reform Act (2003)

Exploring and Comparing Sex Workers’ Experiences in Scotland and New Zealand
Anastacia Ryan, University of Glasgow/NZPC

Decriminalisation in New South Wales, Australia: The Successes and Challenges Faced by Sex Workers
Zhara Stardust, Scarlet Alliance

Film: Australian Sex Workers Fight for Decriminalisation

[Discussion amongst everyone and sharing strategies for the fight for decriminalisation]​


Skills Sharing and Discussion Day (SEX WORKERS ONLY)
Sun 07/04
1200 – 1800
Email for venue details.

This is a day for sex workers to gather to share skills and experiences. Workshops will include professional skills and discussions (final programme available soon). It is a sex worker only space and all workshops are delivered by sex workers themselves. This is a safe and confidential space.


Mon 08/04
1300 – 1700
Email us at for venue details

1.00PM: SWOU Taboo

Another sex worker only space, SWOU Taboo is a chance for sex workers to discuss issues that are quite personal and often used against our self-
determination. We will create a safe space to discuss issues, such as, sexual violence, mental health and addiction, our relationship to money or our clients.​

3.00PM: Sex Work as a Helping Profession

As sex workers we often provide our clients with important and invaluable services that support their physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual well-being. We will create a space for us to collect our stories and share our experiences of ‘helping’.


Building Alliances (PUBLIC EVENT)
Mon 08/04
1930 – 1900
Mac Lecture Theatre, Glasgow School of Art, 167 Renfrew Street, G3 6RQ

Viewing of extract of Proudly Trans in Turkey from Gabrielle Le Roux, about trans activists and sex workers in Turkey.

Followed by discussion and presentation from members of sex workers’, LGBT’s, HIV+’s and migrants’ communities, feminist groups and trade unionists on the intersection between sex work and other criminalised or stigmatized communities and how we can build alliances for social justice and human rights.


Sex Work, Stigma and Criminalisation (PUBLIC EVENT)
Tue 09/04
1800 – 2000
CCA5, 350 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow G2 3JD

This interactive, public education workshop open to all is led by members of Sex Worker Open University and aim to look at the root causes of whore-phobia, and at the effect of stigma and criminalisation on the lives of sex workers.


Reducing Stigma and Building our Capacity (SEX WORKERS ONLY)
Tue 09/04 – Wed 10/04
Times TBC
Email us at for venue/time details and to register

An education workshop for sex workers by Maria Nengeh Mensah (Stella and Université du Québec à Montréal) and Chris Bruckert (POWER and University of Ottawa).

This two-day workshop is a unique opportunity for sex workers to develop their knowledge as an educator, reinforce their capacity to confront whore-stigma, learn about the principles of public education, and share knowledge, skills and ideas around diverse trainings about sex work.

Registration by email necessary.


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